It has been a pleasure working with Tutoring By A College Professor. My son began to struggle early on with Accounting. My philosophy is to address academic issues early in the semester before it becomes too late to provide damage control resulting in a deviation from the academic plan and retaking courses in addition, knowledge from this course is required for Accounting II so it is imperative that material is mastered. I reached out to Leslie on the weekend and she established a plan with a tutor by Monday. My son's grade reflected the intervention and he received an A on the next exam. Most importantly, he expressed understanding of the material. I highly recommend this business. Thank you Leslie!

Lisa Garcia Ohio State Parent September 25, 2021

Highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor. This is my daughter's second year using Tutoring by a College Professor. We had an immediate response from Leslie. She had matched my daughter with incredibly helpful tutors. The tutoring sessions made the world of difference with her academic performnance.

F. Gilarde University of Wisconsin Parent September 16, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor has assisted my college student in several classes. Leslie is extremely responsive. She has been able to connect the appropriate tutor for my student each time, within hours of my requests. Highly recommend!

Donna Shahrabani OSU Parent September 14, 2021

The set up was incredibly easy and Leslie was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. She got the tutor set up with my student immediately... such a great tool for your child!!!

Kim Houseknecht Clemson University September 9, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor has been great. Both the tutors I had were super helpful and explained concepts very well. I had Andrew help me with chemistry and Michael help me with calculus, both explained higher level concepts when they tied into the content I was learning to help me with the future coursework as well.

Adrian Claburn [Student]OSU August 18, 2021

These guys are great! Easy to work with and very responsive. My son used Tutoring By A College Professor for 2 classes last smester and really liked both of his tutors. We are using them again this semester.

Michele Claburn OSU Parent August 18, 2021

I have just finished tutoring for anatomy. I knew the class was difficult and wanted to take it over the summer to have an easier schedule during the semester. Leslie set everything up and my tutor was great. She was always very understanding and made sure I focused on the right topics. I am now taking physiology and am going to continue tutoring sessions. It reduces my stress level and makes the class much more manageable having someone to review with. As the classes get tougher it is hard to find someone who can tutor - I've had a great experience with Tutoring By A College Professor.

Madilyn [Student] University of Wisconsin August 14, 2021

My son greatly benefited from Tutoring By A College Professor. He did extraordinary on his exam due to the diligence and knowledgeable tutor. I would strongly recommend the services and I'm grateful to the caring words, and beyond words, amazing services offered to me and my son.

Bonnie Marsh University of Florida August 7, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor is a great tutor service. From the moment I signed up I was instantly paired with a tutor and a session was already booked. Ishan was a great tutor who really knew college physics. He explained everything in a way I could understand it and really cared about my education. Tutoring By A College Professor is definitely a must for students of all ages who need the edge in a class. Thank you!!

Jake M. [Student] University of Cincinnati August 4, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor helped me find competent tutors that I would not have been able to find on my own. It was very nice to have a friendly face to talk to about difficult subjects that could explain the material at my own pace and understanding.

N. W. [Student] OSU ’23 June 27, 2021

I can’t thank Tutoring By a College Professor enough. My daughter was struggling with college physics and with a personal tutor she successful earned the grade she needed.

Lori Kowit Ohio University Parent June 27, 2021

My twins both needed a little prep before taking the ACT (neither love standardized tests). Leslie took the time to “know” them to help match them with tutors that best met their needs. The tutors they worked with were professional and prepared! They were able to spend time with the area that they needed and not “waste” time with their areas of strength. Both of them had great scores!

Christine Winchester HS Parent June 3, 2021

My daughter was struggling with anatomy lab and lecture. The online format with limited interaction has been a challenge. I came across tutor Tutoring By A College Professor on the badger parent Facebook page. I decided to give it a try and get in touch with Leslie. Leslie has been great to work with extremely responsive and able to quickly get things scheduled. My daughter got matched up with an awesome tutor and after 3 weeks just found out she got a 93 on her Anatomy Lab unit exam! She is so happy and now motivated to study for the final. I wish we would have reached out sooner. My other daughter is taking anatomy during the UW’s summer session and I just got her scheduled with the same tutor. No need to wait – I think it will help her to have the personal interaction. Thanks!!

Tanya Schooley UW Madison Parent May 20, 2021

I was very happy with the tutor I had for my Separation and Processes class. With the help of Andrew, I was able to navigate my way through questions that I otherwise had no idea how to do. It was also helpful in the sense that it gave me another person to get information from in addition to my professor. It was very beneficial to have my tutor explain concepts to me in a clear and concise way.

Danny Smith The Ohio State University May 19, 2021

One of the smartest things we ever did was use your services, from day one this semester to help our daughters navigate the dreaded CHEM 1210 at OSU! She just received her grades, and we are 100% convinced the tutoring made all the difference! Thank you for everything!

Kellie Groves Ronk OSU Parent May 18, 2021

My tutor, Derek was nice to work with and very flexible in finding times to meet me and reinforce the course material. He helped me pass biochemistry!

Renee Kizlik The Ohio State University May 17, 2021

My tutor, Derek was nice to work with and very flexible in finding times to meet me and reinforce the course material. He helped me pass biochemistry!

Renee Kizlik The Ohio State University May 17, 2021

The ACT tutoring process with Leslie’s business was so easy to get started that within 3 days of reaching out, we had all the materials at our doorstep in the first virtual study session was scheduled. Hannah absolutely loved both of her tutors and found that they kept her disciplined while allowing her to set goals for herself regarding where she wanted to be for her ACT score. Both Molly and Sarah were amazing and not only helped Hannah pinpoint her errors during their study sessions, but discovered multiple strategies to correct them, especially how to think about the strategies during the exam. In addition, they took time to get to know her personally, which made the process super comfortable. By exam day, Hannah and her tutors had created a specialized plan to ensure that she succeeded in met her goals! So thankful for their support and constant check-ins during the process! We will be scheduling additional sessions for math and science prior to her 2nd run at improving her score even more!

Andy Reich Gahanna Lincoln High School May 6, 2021

Tracey Bress, mom of student that just finished freshman year at OSU had one amazing hour with a physics tutor and rocked her final!

Tracey Bress OSU Parent May 5, 2021

Leslie Marks and her team of tutors are wonderful. Virtual learning has been a challenge for many college students. My son has Organic Chemistry II this semester and it has been difficult to navigate online. The tutoring he has received from Franco has been invaluable. I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor. We will be using them again in the fall!

Lexi Buente OSU Parent April 19, 2021

I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor. When my son’s university closed at the beginning of the pandemic, Leslie was there with her fantastic group of tutors to help my son adjust to online classes. Not only is Leslie wonderful at matching students with tutors, she is kind and understanding. Although I have never met her in person, I have come to think of her as a friend, often swapping stories about our children and resources to enrich their lives. Thank you, Leslie, for making this past year a little bit easier for my son. I hope to meet you in person next year at parents’ weekend.

Karen Vanderbilt University April 18, 2021

Leslie Marx saved the day! Twice!! In TWO States! Thanks to her services, one of my kids managed to successfully understand her math class! The other one is desperate to pass calculus and Leslie has someone to save her from drowning! Thank you!

Randee Abramovitch OSU & UMaryland Parent April 18, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor is top notch! As parents of an out-of-state student, Leslie not only put our minds at ease she found our son the perfect tutor within minutes! Leslie is very professional and it’s so easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

Alicia Giglio OSU Parent April 15, 2021

I highly recommend Leslie Marx and her organization, Tutoring By A College Professor! My daughters, at Ohio State and Miami University, have both benefited from the competent, patient, and approachable tutors who worked with them in Chemistry and Biology. Leslie does a remarkable job finding the tutor with the right fit to meet each of the students’ needs. You will definitely be in good hands hiring this team!

Randi Jaffe OSU & Miami University Parent April 9, 2021

Tutoring By A College Professor has been a life saver this semester for our daughter. The course she is taking is still very challenging, however with the assistance of one of their fantastic tutors, our daughter has managed to keep the frustration level down as low as possible. Just yesterday she said to me, “I have no idea where I would be had I not started with the tutor the first week of classes back in January. Thank you, Leslie and Company, for everything! I can’t begin to recommend your services enough!

Kelly Ronk The Ohio State University April 9, 2021

My tutors have been both very helpful and genuinely care about my success. It was also very apparent that they both understood the content. Specifically, my Organic Chemistry tutor was able to easily interpret the way my organic professor wanted questions answered and did not waste time with information that did not pertain to my class in my general knowledge. My Separations (Engineering) tutor also gave my bigger picture answers rather than just answering the question specifically, which led to greater learning overall. Overall, a great experience from both tutors!

Ryan Hopkins The Ohio State University April 8, 2021

My family has used Tutoring By A College Professor for SAT/ACT prep for all three of my kids, two of whom are already attending great universities. We were lucky to work with these wonderful tutors who were always patient, experienced, and ready with personalized test taking strategies.

Mrs. Hana Abdelbaki March 30, 2021

I want to thank Tutoring By A College Professor for their help with my college student. You quickly identified targeted and accomplished content experts to help my child with that little extra academic support that has made a world of difference. In these strange and challenging times, you made it quick and easy for me to help my child learn and grow and continue to excel.

Terri Meldrum The Ohio State University March 23, 2021

I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor and I cannot think Leslie enough for her quick response. She has made the process of obtaining a Twitter seamless in efficient even for an out-of-state parent.

Elizabeth Steinway The Ohio State University March 22, 2021

It often feels like an Emergency when you recognize you need a tutor. Leslie understands the urgency and works quickly to make introductions and set things in motion. As an out-of-state family we are thankful to have a resource with a local knowledge of the curriculum to put our minds at ease. Having said that I think her staffs expertise would be a welcomed addition to any student regardless of location.

Shari Klein Neckritz The Ohio State University March 20, 2021

Before I begin tutoring with Leslie’s program, I was struggling and failing my calculus class and I was considering dropping. After receiving the tutoring, not only did my grade improve by two letter scores, but my exam grades rose as well. Tutoring By A College Professor has helped me gain confidence and increased testing taking ability. I recommend this program to students who need help as I did.

Nate Conway The Ohio State University March 19, 2021

Leslie and her team are the ultimate professionals. My son has utilized one of their tutors this semester and we are pleased with the results. During Covid while having classes online, it’s great to have a one on one session to ask questions and receive help. The knowledge and skills that the tutor possesses encourages my son to excel. I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor!

Lexi Buente The Ohio State University March 19, 2021

Leslie and her team of tutors have helped me immensely through the process of taking the ACT. I’ve never felt more welcomed, cared for, and helped by a group of people before! Regardless of their kindness, all of the tutors provide extremely insightful advice on each and every one of the subjects. I highly recommend them!

Olivia Pace New Albany High School February 20, 2021

Simply blown away by the amazing, super organized and effective tutoring support for my two daughters! Highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor…well worth the investment that is tailor made to specific areas of support…helping to fuel both mastery & confidence! Hey mama right here! Thank you, Leslie!

Simone Pace New Albany High School February 19, 2021

Brian had great success with his tutoring. He increased his SAT score by 50 points! Off to Boston college in the fall :-)”

Kim Comisar Boston College February 18, 2021

Leslie is very helpful and has twice provided my son with excellent tutors, for economics and math. My son has been very happy with the tutors and has helped him achieve an A in challenging courses that are all virtual. I would not hesitate to reach out.

Heather Ashenmil Gartman The Ohio State University February 10, 2021

Leslie spent so much time getting to know us in finding the right match for a tutor. Derek has been terrific and so easy to schedule sessions with! Finding Leslie and Derek has alleviated so much stress. Thank you!!

Elisa Bass Bauman Vanderbilt University February 10, 2021

Tutoring By a College Professor came highly recommended. My son needed help with a calculus and Leslie matched him with a great tutor. Thank you Derek! Leslie was always in touch to monitor progress and answer questions. Excellent service and excellent results.

Bridget Biscaichipy Vanderbilt University February 8, 2021

Our experience with Tutoring by a College Professor has been very positive. Not only did my daughter’s tutor support her through freshman chemistry classes, but she also provided my daughter with study skills lessons, career advice, and social-emotional support and connection during the pandemic. My daughter’s confidence and success grew during a very challenging time in her life. We’ve been very happy with Tutoring by a College Professor and have recommended this business to others. They offer top quality tutors and customer service!

Amy Godsey Alexander The Ohio State University February 7, 2021

My son was having issues with physics particularly with it online last semester. Leslie responded immediately to his need for a tutor. The tutor was extremely helpful in explaining concepts & helping him master the work necessary to be successful in the class. Highly recommend

Renee Schops Jacovsky The Ohio State University February 7, 2021

Leslie and Tutoring By A College Professor are fabulous to work with! She is very responsive and works hard to make sure her highly qualified tutors are meeting the needs of the students!

Becki Eberle The Ohio State University February 7, 2021

My son has been tutoring with Tutoring By A College Professor for 2 years. Working with Leslie and Matt Marx and their staff was a game changer for my son and our family. I am a busy working single mom and I was worried and burdened daily trying to ensure my son was staying on task and receiving the guidance needed to excel in his courses. Working with Leslie and Matt gave my son the confidence to succeed and allowed me to relax and enjoy our time together outside of work and school. I am forever thankful for their service and I will continue to use them

Kelly Craycraft Columbus, Ohio January 7, 2021

Leslie understands what students need to succeed. All of the tutors my son worked with were top notch. Highly recommend this service.

Jim Patrizi The Ohio State University January 5, 2021

For the past six years, Matthew Marx and his team of tutors have provided invaluable support for our three young adults as they navigated the challenging ACT/SAT tests and advanced high school course material. Their help gave our three the confidence and skills needed to perform to the best of their abilities.

Judy Helman Chester Wellington High School December 27, 2020

Thanks for helping Zoe achieve her ACT goal! She just received her scores. With your help she saw a 4 point increase in her composite score.

Joanne Girty December 27, 2020

My daughter just finished her sophomore year at Vanderbilt University. This Spring she needed help to finish up an Econ class after the University closed for COVID-19. Leslie did a fantastic job of finding out what kind of tutor my daughter would need and what kind of a learner she was. The tutor was a great fit and she finished the class on a positive note. We turned right around and asked for help for a May semester class. Different tutor and same great results. We only wish we had known about this great resource my daughter’s freshman year.

Lisa Hitchcock Vanderbilt University December 27, 2020

Thank you so much for working with Mackenzie Hebert on her ACT. Her test results increased dramatically resulting in acceptance to The Ohio State University College of Engineering and Miami University College of Engineering. Still waiting on a couple of others!! But it’s great to have options!! The study skills you taught her not only helped with the tests but will be used in her college years as well!! Thank you!!!

Lisa Buettner Hebert December 27, 2020

We highly recommend Tutoring by a College Professor and their team. Leslie went above and beyond to find a CS tutor for my freshman son who was perfect fit. They are true professionals. My son’s grade went sky high after 3 sessions and he needed the semester with a great grade and a high confidence level.

Marla Shulman Amos Emory University December 27, 2020

A shoutout to Leslie Marx and Tutoring By A College Professor. My son was getting very overwhelmed by physics and calculus and Leslie was able to find me a tutor to help him within 10 minutes of my contacting her. It wasn’t an expense we anticipated having but was well worth it.

Renee Schops The Ohio State University December 27, 2020

Ironically, I actually am a college professor and there is no way I could have helped tutor my son the way Matt & his team did. My son already had a high score on his ACT with no prep, but we decided to invest in some tutoring just to increase his merit scholarship potential. 1-2 points can mean thousands more dollars in scholarships over 4 years & that’s exactly what’s happened! What a great decision. Thank you!!

Heather Hampell Doll Miami University December 26, 2020

Fantastic tutoring! ACT score increased by 4 points! Couldn’t be happier. 😃

Beth Femia December 22, 2020

My daughter increased 6pts overall today!! She is on cloud 9! She is not a test taker and she was able to learn how to take the test and improve more than she imagined! More to come!

Kerry Previte Daly December 22, 2020

My sons score increased 4 points. Love the staff at Tutoring by a college Professor.

Terrill Drew Gahanna High School December 22, 2020

What a GREAT find! Not only for ACT, we are using for college chemistry! Tutoring by a Professor did not disappoint! So happy we have already reserved a spot for next semester! Thank you for the boost to my daughters confidence!

Josie Stone Vanderbilt & Tulane July 13, 2020

I highly recommend Matt and his team of tutors. Both of my children have worked with his tutors on Advanced Math and English and learned strategies and approaches to the subjects that they have been able to apply to learning in general. My oldest son worked with Matt on the ACT preparation and improved his scores by 8 points. He got into his colleges of choice with scholarship offers and will attend Morehouse College as a Howard S. Thurman Scholar on full academic scholarship in the fall. We are a Tutoring by a College Professor family.

Kimberly Lee Minor New Albany May 9, 2020

I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor! Leslie was super responsive and connected my son with his tutor, Zach who was wonderful! We will use them again for sure!!!

Andrea Newman Kronethal The Ohio State University May 5, 2020

Matt and all of the tutors at Tutoring by a College Professor are simply incredible. They tailor their sessions to each student and are always prepared for any student’s question.

Nathan Danish Columbus April 12, 2020

With only 10 hours of tutoring in English and Math, my daughter was able to raise her composite score from 27 to 31! She improved her scores in English, Reding and Math! Very pleased with the tutoring provided!

Angela Richards 2020

We had a great experience with Tutoring By A College. My daughter increased her projected overall score from the PSAT to the SAT by more than 200 points. He communicated well with us and was reliable. My daughter felt very comfortable working with him and he explained concepts so she could easily understand! Highly recommend Matt!

Allie Sberna 2020

Thank you to Tutoring By A College Professor for exceptional results -> some sections on a ACT improved by 30%! We couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend them for help!!

Leigh Ballew Helsel Gahanna High School 2020

My son is a freshman at Ohio State and needed extra help in physics class. Tutoring by A College Professor put him in touch with a tutor that was responsive, knowledgeable, passionate and was able to explain in detail the concepts to improve his success in class. We highly recommend their services. Matt and Leslie, along with their team, are a wonderful addition to improving a student’s achievements

Stacy Smith Imyak The Ohio State University 2020

I highly recommend Matthew Marx and his team of tutors. With just a few carefully planned sessions my daughter raised her cumulative ACT score by 6 points! She gained confidence and a new found drive to pursue colleges she thought were out of reach!

Terrill Drew Gahanna High School December 29, 2019

Our dedicated faculty of 50+ test preparation and high school/college subject matter experts will work with your student individually to help them meet and exceed their academic goals. Please contact Leslie Marx at 614-264-1110 or leslie@tutoringprof.com to be paired with the best tutor for you.


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