“Chris was a phenomenal tutor. I was in a tough spot in three of my engineering courses and because of his patience and willingness to teach me methods that I was either behind on or needed review for, I ended up excelling over finals week. I can’t wait to work with him again this semester!”
Jack Haber, Student at Auburn University,  January 6, 2023
“The tutor we have been using from Tutoring By A College Professor has been very helpful. He is easy to understand, proficient in the subject, explains things thoroughly, and emphasizes detail.”
Hilary Stiskin, Parent at Auburn University, October 12, 2022
“Sharanya was very nice and efficient with our time. She helped me understand the basics of chemistry a lot. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Bryonna Whalen, Student at Auburn University, August 17, 2022
“We  are so happy with the results and service at Tutoring By A College Professor. This was our son’s second course using this service and it was a simple service to accommodate times and days for his needs. If you need help with a course or are weaker in a certain subject, this is your answer!!!!”
Mary Prince, Parent at Auburn University, August 4, 2022
“I want to thank you for working to find a tutor that was perfect for my daughter! He was attentive, helpful, and went above and beyond to help her bring up her grade by two letter grades! l highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor and will not hesitate to call again if  my child needs another tutor! Your company is compassionate and very professional.”
Emily Sontag, Parent at Auburn University, June 1, 2022

“My anatomy tutor is super helpful and is always super prepared for our sessions! Tutoring is going great! I highly recommend!”
Taylor, Student at Auburn University, April 6, 2022

“The service and level of knowledge of the tutors is amazing. My son used this service for accounting and got an A in the class. Superb! I can’t say enough great things about Leslie and her staff.”
Kent Prince, Parent at Auburn University, December 29, 2021

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