“Great resource for tutoring for my daughter in Physics. Helped her grasp the concepts and helped her understand how to solve multi-step problems. Highly recommend.”
Tami, Parent at University of Delaware, August 11, 2023

“Tutoring By A College Professor has been a reliable source of educational help for our son across various subjects like Physics and something as specialized as Engineering Math. They are always quick to reply and immediately assign a qualified tutor. I highly recommend using this service.”
Carmen Custer, Parent at University of Delaware, April 5, 2023
“My daughter, Julia, was struggling with accounting. She was assigned an extremely knowledgeable tutor, Julie. She was patient, informative, and taught Julia in a way to help her understand the concepts of accounting. She kept the lessons effective and engaging to keep my daughter focused and on task. I would highly recommend Julie. We would definitely use her and Tutoring By A College Professor in the future.”
Audra Peskin , Parent at University of Delaware, February 17, 2023
“I highly recommend Tutoring By A College Professor. The owner, Leslie, was a pleasure to work with and knew just the right tutor for my son. Brett has really helped Logan to understand the math topics and his grades have improved since the start!”
Carri Levine, Parent at University of Delaware, November 9, 2022
“Tutoring By A College Professor has been extremely helpful for me. My tutor, Julie, has been great to work with. She explains complex concepts in an easier way to understand. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend Julie to assist any student who needs a little extra support in accounting.”
Julia Peskin, Student at University of Delaware, November 6, 2022

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