“The owner, Leslie, was very helpful and found my daughter a great tutor for her economics class. Since beginning tutoring, my daughter’s grades have improved tremendously! Tutoring by A College Professor has been a great company to work with and we will definitely continue to use them in the future.”
Vivian Perez, Parent at Wake Forest University, December 4, 2022
“Erin has been a great tutor and has helped me increase my macroeconomics grade significantly. She does a great job in breaking down concepts for me to understand and ensuring that I grasp it before we move on. I would definitely recommend this company as it has been a great experience for me!”
Sofia Burleson, Student at Wake Forest University, December 4, 2022
“Tutoringprof has allowed me to sharpen my skills while adapting as a freshman in college. My tutors were both helpful and kind. Leslie Marx was very quick to respond when I first contacted her. I have no complaints! Highly recommend!”
Aiden Pokhis, Parent at Wake Forest University, December 4, 2022

“This is our second semester working with Tutoring By A College Professor and my son felt that it was a good match for his needs. He had help with Biology and is now getting help with Calculus. Love that Leslie is so responsive!”
Debbie Bryan, Parent at Wake Forest University, April 20, 2022

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