“Tutoring By A College Professor quickly provided my daughter with a very helpful economics tutor. All sessions were done online and the tutor knew the material well. My daughter was able to connect with a second tutor quickly too.”
Melissa, Parent at Tulane University, December 12, 2022
“We couldn’t be happier with Tutoring By A College Professor. Leslie found our daughter a tutor who is accessible, extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, and most importantly, an excellent teacher.”
K.P., Parent at Tulane University, October 10, 2022
“Tutoring By A College Professor delivered an exceptional and high quality writing tutor for my daughter. The tutor was accessible, thorough, and patient. We will definitely use the company again. Highly recommend!”
Sandi, Parent at Tulane University, July 6, 2022
“I have found Martin incredibly helpful these past couple weeks. He is genuinely only 1 phone call away and is very dependable. Martin was able to get to know my writing style as well as the class very well. He was able to efficiently help me edit my papers and seek errors. He is very patient and takes his time to understand the assignment before diving in… Martin is reliable and trustworthy. He is very kind and made me feel comfortable, which I usually do not when others read my paper. In general, it was very easy and cooperative.”
Wynn, Student at Tulane University, June 9, 2022
“I used Tutoring By A College Professor last semester and they really helped me in my general Chemistry class. I am using them again for my Calculus class. The tutors are really good at explaining concepts and creating practice problems.”
Jordyn, Student at Tulane University, February 22, 2022

“Thanks so much for your quick response in obtaining a tutor for my daughter! Couldn’t be quicker or easier.”
Lori Z., Parent at Tulane University, November 4, 2021

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